Stramilano: a race in the DNA of Milan!


Press conference Stramilano 2016

This morning at Palazzo Marino’s historic “Room Alessi” it was held the press conference to present the 45th edition of Stramilano, Italy’s most famous race, which will take place on Sunday, March 20th, bringing together thousands of people from around the world for a day of sport, entertainment, friendship and solidarity.

“I am approaching this Stramilano with even more excitement and emotion. The Milanese people feel the event as part of their DNA now! It has a magical value, as it is an ideal bridge between the roots of the past and Milan’s bright future, which is more and more tangible. Behind the streamline there is a huge and incredible effort to make Milano easy to run and live in at all hours!” commented Chiara Bisconti, Councillor for Sports of the City of Milan, which added that she will run the 10km race.

Speakers included Michele Cittadella, General Brigadier Commander for Lombardia’s Military Army, Giulio Gallera, Undersecretary for Relations with the metropolitan city of the Lombardia Region, who underlined that the Stramilano has entered the “hall of fame” among Milanese traditions, becoming a benchmark for adults and children in a big inclusive party. All the speakers wished for a sunny day to celebrate the arrival of spring at his best.

At the end of the conference there was the presentation of Stefania Cattaneo, neo-godmother of Stramilano 2016. The radio and television presenter and sports commentator stressed her passion for running and the role of “total celebration” that the event took on over the years.