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Personal Data Protection and Legal Notices

  1. Legal notices of the website web www.stramilano.it
  2. Privacy Notification
  3. Cookie policy

Legal notices

All users of the website www.stramilano.it must ensure that they are familiar with the following conditions.

The contents of this website, all of the authors’ rights and all other related intellectual property rights belong to G.A. Fior di Roccia Associazione Sportiva Diletta, owner of the website, and to Atletica Stramilano Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica, organizer of the event, or the persons that provided the content.
You may access the website and print copies of its content as proof of your visit. No other use of the website is permitted without prior written consent from Atletica Stramilano Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica. This includes utilization involving modifications, publication, transmission, subordinate actions, incorporation in another website or reproduction of the website or its content (including through links, frames or any other means).
The material on the website is protected by copyright.

Simply accessing this website does not in any way give you licence or the right to use the trademarks that appear on the site without prior written consent from Atletica Stramilano Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica or the third parties who possess the other trademarks.

No responsibility will be accepted regarding the content of the material published on this website and its use by third parties, or any infections resulting from access, interconnection or downloading material from the site. Therefore Atletica Stramilano Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica will not be held liable in any way for damage, loss or detrimental effects of any kind suffered by third parties due to contact with this website, or following the use of materials published on it.

Visitors will not be asked to provide any personal data in order to access the website.

Privacy Notification

We are currently updating our privacy policy in order to meet the GDPR requirements.

The website does not acquire any of its users’ personal data. Cookies are not used to transmit information of a personal nature and no systems are used to trace and identify users. The use of cookies is strictly limited to the transmission of session identifiers (consisting of numbers randomly generated by the server) which are necessary in order to allow secure, efficient browsing of the website and are used for statistical purposes to record how many unique visitors there are per month. Cookies can be removed by users with the functions of their browsing software.


Apart from the browsing data mentioned, users are free to supply the personal data included in the Stramilano request forms or given in correspondence with the office to request information or for other purposes. Failure to provide the data may make it impossible for users’ requests to be met. For the sake of exhaustiveness, it should be noted that in some cases (not during the ordinary running of this website) the authorities may request news and information pursuant to art. 157 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 in order to check the processing of personal data. In these cases, it is necessary to respond in order to avoid administrative sanctions.


The personal data are processed with computer-based tools for the amount of time that is strictly necessary in order to achieve the aims for which they were collected. Specific security measures are taken in order to prevent loss of the data, illegal or inappropriate use and unauthorized access.


Data subjects have the right at any time to be given confirmation of whether their personal data exist or not and to be informed of their content and origin, check their accuracy and have them supplemented, updated or corrected (in accordance with art. 7 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003). Pursuant to the same article, the persons in question have the right to ask for data processed in an illegal manner to be deleted, rendered anonymous or blocked, as well as to oppose their processing if they have legitimate reasons to do so.
Requests of this nature must be sent to the registered office of Atletica Stramilano Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica at viale Repubblica Cisalpina 3, 20154 Milano, Italy.


Personal Data Protection Notification – Stramilano Registrations

Notification pursuant to art. 13 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 (Personal Data Protection Act).

The personal data that you will be asked to provide will only be collected and processed for purposes that are strictly connected with and indispensable for the performance of duties resulting from ties with our association and in particular for purposes relating to your participation and the supply of services associated with the staging of the Stramilano sporting event (the Stramilano of the 50,000, the Stramilanina and the Stramilano Half Marathon). By way of non-exhaustive example, these include: 1. Official completion of registrations for the event and all of the associated and resulting tasks. 2. Sending text messages, emails and newsletters about event-related activities and updates (such as details of delays, route changes and updates to the regulations). 3. Sending updates about the event. This includes providing links allowing participants to print their own confirmation letters and participation certificates, which will remain public until the following edition. 4. Entering personal details in the association’s computer databases (which are only used for the event). 5. Complying with the requirements of laws, regulations and EU rules, as well as the instructions of legally appointed authorities and supervisory bodies. 6. Fulfilling the contractual and legal requirements resulting from the relationship with you or satisfying your requests before or after the signing of the contract and managing our commercial and professional relationships. 7. Bookkeeping and managing takings and payments. 8. Doing statistical work with anonymous, aggregate data (such as numbers of registered participants divided by gender and home nation or region) used in the search for commercial and institutional partners and sponsors for the event.

The processing of the data by the controller, the processor(s) and the sub-processors for the purposes mentioned will take place with computer-based and manual methods, based on logical criteria relating to the purposes for which the data were collected, in compliance with the confidentiality and security rules laid down by the Italian Personal Data Protection Act and the internal regulations.

It is strictly necessary for the data to be provided and processed in order for the event to be staged, a relationship with you to be established and maintained properly and the services associated with your participation in the event to be provided. Therefore, it is essential if you wish to take part in the event. While you may quite legitimately refuse to provide the abovementioned data, it may compromise your relationship with our association and in particular it would make it impossible for us to meet your requests and provide the services needed for the staging of the event.

For the purposes mentioned, some or all of the data may be disclosed to: a) Natural and legal persons (such as consulting firms providing legal, administration and tax advice, audit firms, couriers and delivery companies, data centres and insurance companies) when it is necessary for the purposes mentioned above. Banking organizations for the management of takings and payments. Bodies, companies and organizations providing banking, credit, insurance and financial services. Our staff, interns and/or consultants (including those appointed on a short-term basis), as well as employees specifically tasked with the duties in their respective commercial, logistics and administration roles. b) Public or private bodies, sports federations, etc. c) Companies involved in the organization of the event. d) Websites, newspapers, magazines and the like (for the publication of the results). e) The companies responsible for timing, producing the results tables and delivering certificates.

At any time, you may contact our association directly in order to exercise the rights recognized by article 7 of the Italian Personal Data Protection Act. Requests can be sent to the data controller or the data processor by registered mail or email (privacy@stramilano.it).

The data controller is Atletica Stramilano Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica, whose registered office is at via Repubblica Cisalpina 3, Milan, Italy. The association has appointed Michele Mesto to act as its internal manager and reply to data subjects in the circumstances covered by the abovementioned article 7 of the Italian Personal Data Protection Act. Michele Mesto’s domicile for the purposes of his role is at the association’s registered office. Your personal data (in registration forms) may also be processed at registration points by third parties asked to collect registrations by Atletica Stramilano. A list of everyone who does this processing will be published on the website (www.stramilano.it). Processors and sub-processors will receive suitable operating instructions, particularly regarding the adoption of minimum security measures, in order to guarantee the confidentiality and security of the data.