Atletica Stramilano A.S.D.

Running is a way of life

Running has always been the driving force behind the work of Atletica Stramilano A.S.D., which helps to coach athletes in a range of categories (competitive youth athletes, amateurs and “Masters”) and organizes training every year to prepare beginners and more experienced runners for the Stramilano Half Marathon.

The competitive season always starts with the addition of new youngsters to the ranks. Efforts to include new members are at the heart of the association’s sporting philosophy. Initially, the new recruits have to learn about the correct techniques and movement, in a process which must fit around their studies and social lives. They must attend 2 or 3 training sessions a week. The days and times are agreed with the young athletes and their families. As is to be expected, we take part in provincial and regional FIDAL events, where we tend to put in solid performances. Training and races are seen as enjoyable steps on the way to achieving the desired results. Atletica Stramilano is always happy to hear from families and young people who are interested in training for athletics (including running, jumping, throwing and relay events). Please feel free to contact the secretary’s office if you would like further information or you would like to talk to the coaches about the best way to plan study and training times.
Training takes place at the XXV Aprile Sports Centre at 24 Via Cimabue in Milan, which is easily accessible from the QT8 station on Metro Line 1.

The competitive athletes in the “Amateur” and “Master” categories take part in FIDAL regional and national championship events and do both themselves and the club proud.

Stramilano Training
Every Sunday from November to March, Atletica Stramilano organizes the now-traditional Stramilano Training sessions for amateur and “Master” athletes. During these sessions, the association’s coaches hold group lessons on running techniques and training methods.

For information
Atletica Stramilano Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica
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