Fior di Roccia Climbing Club

Behind the Stramilano from the start

The Fior di Roccia climbing club has been passionate about sport for more than 80 years. It is the creator and driving force behind the Stramilano and it was established in the Porta Ticinese area of Milan back in 1926. The founder and president was Cesare Mores, who was a recipient of the Italian Gold Medal of Military Valour. The group embodies love for the mountains and the associated sports: excursions, climbing, recreational skiing, competitive skiing and ski mountaineering. These have been joined by track and road running, amateur long distance cycling and many other individual sports.

The Stramilano has been organized by the Fior di Roccia group since 1972. It started the craze for running in Italy, both competitively and simply to keep fit. From an organizational point of view, it is a huge commitment, but it is also very satisfying and it has helped to preserve a cutting-edge, vibrant spirit within the Fior di Roccia group. After all, it takes a lot of effort to maintain such high standards for so long.

The group is a subsection of CAI Milan (mountaineering) and an affiliate of FISI (winter sports), FSA Italy (skyrunning) and UDACE (cycling). The other sports that it covers include climbing, snowboarding and ski mountaineering.

For information
Gruppo Alpinistico Fior di Roccia
Viale Repubblica Cisalpina, 3 (Arena Civica) – 20154 Milano – Italy
Tel. e fax +39 02 3494079