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The patronesses of the Stramilano

A dash of beauty and feminine charm

A stunning succession of famous actresses, sports stars, showgirls and singers have played an important, enjoyable role as patronesses of the Stramilano.

Over the years, the event has welcomed an impressive array of big names from the worlds of sport and show business.

Dozens of patronesses have stood alongside the starter in Piazza Duomo and Piazza Castello, as well as on the prize-giving stage near the athletes on the podium after the finish at the Arena Civica. The smiles of our leading ladies have lit up the numerous editions of the Stramilano and helped to make it a huge success.

The patronesses of the Stramilano
Here is a list in alphabetical order of the dozens of beautiful, famous patronesses who have taken part in the Stramilano over the years: Paola Barale, Agostina Belli, Stefania Belmondo, Sara Calogiuri, Gabriella Carlucci, Ylenia Carrisi, Elenoire Casalegno, Stefania Cattaneo, Flavia Cercato, Francesca Chillemi, Fiammetta Cicogna, Deborah Compagnoni, Maddalena Corvaglia, Tamara Donà, Natalia Estrada, Gabriella Farinon, Edwige Fenech, Federica Fontana, Laura Freddi, Loretta Goggi, Ellen Hidding, Kris & Kris, Chiara Lorenzutti, Fiona May, Justine Mattera, Dong Mei, Susanna Messaggio, Minnie Minoprio, Ambra Orfei, Paoletta, Cristina Parodi, Lea Pericoli, Fiorella Pierobon, Daniela Poggi, Isabella Rossellini, Giorgia Rossi, Maria Teresa Ruta, Jo Squillo, Marina Suma, Tamy T, Chiara Tortorella, Miriana Trevisan, Federica Urban, Giusy Versace, Iva Zanicchi.

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