Sunday 24 March 2024 the Run Generation will return to run through the most beautiful streets of Milan.
We are waiting for you to spend a spring day of sport and friendship together.

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Tips from the doctor

Stramilano provides you with expert advice and tips to ensure that your exercise regime can offer invaluable support for your health. Sport coaches and doctors will recommend great ways for you to get into better physical shape as you run.

Why do we run?

Runners are an increasingly common sight in our streets and parks. Among them are real professionals in the field who love to run anywhere and everywhere. Nobody ever had to talk them into running: they see it as the most natural activity for human beings and the ease with which they speed across tracks and roads reveals ancestral abilities, reminding us that we too were once fast-moving predators.

Beyond certificates

Every year, competitive athletes are legally required to have a fitness assessment so that they can be awarded the medical certificates that they need to take part in races. In the Italian legal system, athletes without medical certificates are not allowed to take part in sports events. The club president would face criminal charges for any harm to a non-certified athlete taking part in an event. This makes it clear just how important medical assessments are in the eyes of the law, and quite justifiably too!