Athletes’ Village

A village with services for competitors in the half marathon

The Athletes’ Village at the Stramilano Half Marathon becomes more and more popular every year.

It is the ideal place
to collect your belongings
and relax after the race, thanks to the presence of exchange facilities and services dedicated to Half Marathon athletes.

Bag storage

The bag storage service is provided by the Red Cross. The numbers on the tents correspond to those on the race bibs, so it is easy for the athletes to find and collect their bags at the end of the race.

Refreshments area

You will find all of the sustenance you need after the race to build up your strength and energy levels before heading home: bread, water, fruit, vitamin supplements…

Changing area and medical assistance

Convenient tents are provided for athletes to change and relax after the race. Here you can also find the Red Cross medical service and the massage tent.